Hi, my name is

Joseph Scarpa.

I'm a computer science and philosophy student who does front-end web development.

I am a student at Duke University studying for a double major in computer science and philosophy. When not stressing over finals, I can be found programming for the web or playing the pipe-organ

01. About Me:

I am based in Long Island, NY and I am completing a bachelors degree at Duke University in North Carolina.

Professionally, I am seeking internships in computer science fields, with a special interest in machine learning and natural language processing. I also work as a web developer, creating websites for clients and for free to non-profits.

Academically, I seek to take rigorous classes and to perform research in computer science, philosophy. Particular interests are epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of mathematics, and computing ethics. For computer science, I am interested in theory and applications in machine learning, optimization, and natural language processing. I am studying them as deeply as possible while at Duke University.

02. Resumes

3. Contact Me

I am always up for internship opportunities and making new connections. Please feel free to leave a message below and I'll get back to you shortly.